Anyone seeing problems with HD SDI through



I’m using an HD SDI source (sometimes a Blackmagic Mini Converter off my laptop, other times a 20 camera Sky HD truck!), feeding into an SDI That’s plugged over 1m USB3 into an i5 running Windows 10 with 8GB RAM running Chrome with a getUserMedia stream to the screen.

Two problems:

  1. Low frame rate - looks like 10fps on screen
  2. Stream fails randomly. Either with freeze frame or black. I have 4 units fed off the same signal and they don’t glitch at the same time. Can take minutes to fail or can run for hours. Best I’ve seen is 30 hours.

In contrast I have another system for the same client running an el cheapo £100 SDI security camera that will stream happily for months.

Tried adding a PCI-E USB3 card - ran for a bit longer but still failed.

CPU is running at 10-20%

Any thoughts before I (reluctantly) rip it out and go with DeckLink?


Sorry to hear you are having an issue wit the SDI.
It is hard to say what exactly the issue is based on only this info, we would need to do some basic troubleshooting to try and narrow it down.
Some of your description sounds familiar to a support ticket we had back in July, perhaps that was your ticket?

Going with the basics, we need to determine if this is a software, hardware or video source issue.

  • Do you see this same problem in other software outside of Chrome? On Win10 you can try the built in Camera app.
  • You mentioned 4 devices, are they all running on the same system at once? If so, with only one device do we have the same low FPS and signal loss?
  • When this dropout happens, what is the state of the LED on the
  • On some systems we have seen it be beneficial to adjust some of the Windows power saving settings, using the High Performance power profile and making specific changes to the Advanced power settings by disabling the USB Selective Suspend and PCIe Link State Management, If you have not looked at these yet, it is worth a try.
  • Curious about the SDI security camera you mentioned, are you using that as an SDI source for the If so, what signal output differences does it have compared to the other signals you typically use?