Share a live broadcast stream (HTTP, HTTPS or RTSP)

The easiest way to deliver your content to your viewers is to give them the live broadcast URL of the channel. You can get that using the Admin panel. A separate URL exists for each channel you stream.

The format of the URL depends on the method you used to access Pearl-2, which can be done though network discovery using Pearl's serial number or IP address. Pearl-2 must be accessible on the viewer's LAN for them to access and view the stream using serial discovery.

If HTTPS is configured for Pearl-2, the live broadcast URL will start with https instead of http.

If Pearl-2 is behind a firewall and you want to share a stream with remote viewers, you need to set up port forwarding on your network. Consult with your network administrator.

URL options

Access Method URL Format
serial discovery

http://<serial>.local/preview.cgi?channel=<channel number>
https://<serial>.local/preview.cgi?channel=<channel number>

Where serial is the serial number of the system, the port number for the channel is found on the Info page, and the channel number is provided from the Admin panel.

You must install Bonjour Print Services on your Windows or Mac computer to access the live Preview using the serial number.

IP address

http://<IP Address>/preview.cgi?channel=2
https://<IP Address>/preview.cgi?channel=2
rtsp://<IP Address>:<port>/stream.sdp

Where IP address is the IP address of the system, the port number for the channel is found on the Info page, and the channel number is provided from the Admin panel.

An RTSP stream is supported by most media players such as QuickTime and VLC. You can choose from two RTSP transport protocol options.

  • RTSP (UDP/TCP): The client chooses UDP or TCP as the preferred transport protocol. Pearl-2's preferred option is UDP, which is a connectionless transport protocol that does minimal error checking for less delay when transporting packets. UDP is suitable for use with stable, low-loss networks.

  • RTSP (TCP): Uses TCP as the transport protocol. Use TCP if you're network connection is lossy and would benefit from the error-checking and packet-loss retransmission that TCP performs.

Retrieve the stream URL for your viewers using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Channels menu, select the channel and click Status. The Status page appears.

  1. Record the Live broadcast, RTSP stream URL or other web streaming address. This is the address you can send to viewers or use to create a link to your broadcast.

If you're seeing URLs with serial numbers instead of IP addresses and want to change this, log into the Admin panel by IP address (instead of by Serial number/Bonjour Print Services) to see URLs with the IP address, see Connect to Admin panel.