Enable HLS (pull)

Stream a live broadcast of a channel directly to viewers on the same local network as Pearl-2 using HTTP over port 80. This gives viewers with iOS devices convenient access to the channel's live broadcast. If HTTPS is configured for Pearl-2, the traffic from port 80 is redirected to HTTPS port 443.

HTTP Live Stream (HLS) supports the H.264 codec and MP3 or AAC audio encoding. Audio and video are sent as a series of small files called media segment files. You can set the segment duration, as well as define the playlist size using the Admin panel. By default, the segment duration is 9 seconds and the playlist size is 3.

When live broadcasting a channel using HLS (pull), there is approximately a 30 second delay.

Enable HLS (pull) streaming using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Channels menu, select the channel containing video you want to stream and click Streaming. The Streaming configuration page opens.
  2. Under HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), check Enabled.

  1. (Optional) Set the Segment duration and Playlist size.
  2. (Optional) Check Bypass stream access control for HLS video data to allow the viewer software to read the HLS stream's video data without having to provide a viewer password or LDAP authentication as configured on Pearl-2. A viewer password or LDAP authentication that is configured on Pearl-2 is still needed to access the HLS stream’s playlist.
  3. Try enabling this option if your viewer is unable to access the HLS stream when a viewer password or LDAP authentication is configured on Pearl-2.

  4. Click Apply
  5. To share the HLS (pull) URL with viewers, click Status from the Channels menu, then copy the HLS URL and provide that to your viewers.