What's new in release 4.14.2?

Firmware 4.14.2 adds the new MultiViewer feature so you can display a custom mix of channels and video sources on the HDMI output port at the same time for confidence monitoring with minimal impact to the system's processor. And we've added a pause feature to Panopto Content Management System (CMS) event recording and webcasting. We also added some other new features and made performance enhancements.

Firmware 4.14.2


MultiViewer displays a custom mix of up to six video sources including channels on the HDMI output port in a convenient grid for confidence monitoring with minimal impact to the system's processor.

Pause and extend CMS events

We made it simple to extend your CMS event in 5, 10, or 15 minute intervals with a simple tap on the touch screen. Plus you can now pause a Panopto CMS event with the option to mute the audio and display an "event paused" image for as long as the event is paused.

Panopto device templates

Pearl-2 now supports Panopto's customized device templates for easier and more consistent event creation using Panopto with your Pearl-2 remote recorder.

Live channel RTSP stream transport option

We added a new RTSP (TCP) transport protocol option that advertises only TCP as the transport for RTSP. This is useful if you're network connection is lossy and would benefit from the error-checking and packet-loss retransmission that TCP performs.

NDI version 4.6.2 support

Pearl-2 now supports NDI version 4.6.2.

Keyboard shortcuts

To make the local console and the built-in keyboard easier to use, we added some keyboard short cuts.

What changed in this release

User account passwords

To comply with recent security mandates, you're now required to assign a password to the admin, operator, and viewer user accounts the first-time you log in to the Admin panel. If you upgrade Pearl-2 to firmware 4.14.2 and no passwords are currently assigned to the user accounts, you're prompted to set passwords when a factory reset or default configuration preset is applied. However, we recommend assigning passwords to the user accounts as soon as possible for greater security.

The FTP server option has been retired

With data security becoming ever more crucial, we decided to remove the option to configure Pearl-2 as an FTP server.