Assign audio sources to an input

Some audio input ports share internal audio processing resources in Pearl-2. These shared audio sources appear in the same configuration menus in the Admin panel and appear under the same audio input label in the user interfaces.

The audio sources that share resources are:

  • XLR-B (left and right ports)
  • RCA (left and right ports)

Both the XLR-B (left/right) and RCA (left/right) audio sources appear under the label Analog-B Audio. You can assign one or both audio sources to Analog-B Audio. Choosing one audio source for the shared input disables the other audio source. This means that when you select Analog-B Audio as the audio source for a layout using the custom layout editor, only the audio source you assign to Analog-B Audio is used. Both audio sources are assigned by default.

To avoid unwanted signal noise on the RCA ports, we recommend adding no more than 12dB of gain when RCA or XLR+RCA is selected.

Assign the audio source to an input using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin. See Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Inputs menu, select the shared audio source. The audio configuration page opens.

  1. From the Input menu, select the audio source and click Apply.