Change user passwords

The admin, operator and viewer-level user accounts have no assigned password by default. The first time you access the Admin panel using the administrator-level account you're prompted to set passwords for all the three user accounts. Record passwords somewhere safe for future reference.

Passwords are case sensitive and can include up to 255 alphanumeric characters within the ASCII range. Restricted characters include: leading and trailing spaces, single quotes, double quotes, and backslash. Contact your system administrator for your organization’s specific password requirements.

In addition to setting the viewer-level user account password, you can set access passwords and IP restrictions on a per channel basis from the channel's Streaming page, see Restrict viewers by IP address.

If you lose the admin password, see Overcome lost passwords.

Users are automatically logged out when a password changes. Viewers may need to refresh their browser window or press play in their media player.

Change the admin password when there is no live stream in progress. Changing the admin password while live streaming disrupts the stream for viewer-level users.

Change a user account password using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Configuration menu, select Security. The Security configuration page opens.
  2. Under the Authentication section, delete the current password for a user account and enter a new password. The new password must have between 1-255 alphanumeric characters or special characters with no leading or trailing spaces, single or double quotes, or backslash. Passwords are case sensitive.
  1. Enter the identical password in re-type and click Apply.
  2. You can set multiple account passwords before clicking Apply. If the passwords don't match, re-enter both passwords and try again.

    If you're logged in when the password changes, you're automatically logged out and must log back in with the new password. If you add or change the viewer user's password, all channel streams pause for people watching the stream using the viewer account and must log back in using the new password.