Assign administrator privileges to operators

Pearl-2 administrators can assign additional administrative-level privileges to operators from the Security menu in the Admin panel. The following table lists the available options and their associated privileges.

Options with additional operator privileges


Operator admin functions

Channel configuration

Add, remove, and rename a channel

Configure channel encoder settings

Create and configure a custom layout for a channel

Configure, remove, rename, and publish a stream for a channel
Configure channel metadata
Add, duplicate, configure, and delete recorders
Upload, download, and delete media files
Input configuration Add and rename video and audio inputs
Network configuration Configure network address
Configure 802.1x and manage CA certificates
Enable and disable DHCP Option 81
Configure Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
Reboot Pearl-2
Configuration presets control1 Create, delete, and apply configuration presets
System configuration Configure the video output settings
Enable CMS and register
Disable CMS or deregister
Configure CMS settings and default event parameters
Configure Automatic File Upload (AFU)
Select external USB drive behavior
Configure UPnP sharing
Configure the date and time preferences
Configure the touch screen
Configure the serial port flow control
Enable/disable Epiphan Cloud feature for remote control and remote login
Video output configuration
Maintenance configuration Upgrade firmware
Apply configuration presets2
Enable remote support
Reboot device (Admin panel)
Shutdown device (Admin panel)
Restore factory configuration
Configure the device name, location, and description
Perform disk check

1Only configuration presets that don't include the System group are allowed.
2Allow operators to apply configuration presets that include the System group, as well as apply the factory default configuration preset.

Assign administrative privileges to operators using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Configuration menu, select Security. The Security configuration page opens.
  2. Under Additional operator privileges, check options to assign those administrator privileges to operators, and then click Apply.