Connect a USB status light

Pearl-2 supports connection of an external USB status light to visually indicate the status of recording and streaming. You can connect a single USB status light directly to any of the USB ports on Pearl-2.

The following USB status lights are supported:

  • Kuando BusyLight models: UC Alpha and UC Omega
  • Delcom Products USB HID single color and multi-color signal indicators

The status light is activated as soon as it is connected to a USB port on Pearl-2 and flashes once.

Status light indicator

Light Description
Solid off Pearl-2 is not currently recording or streaming.
Solid on Recording or streaming is in progress.

Rapid flashing (approximately five blinks per second) commences five minutes before a scheduled event begins.

Slow flashing (approximately two blinks per second) indicates that an error occurred during recording or live streaming.