Extract tracks from a recording

Recorders combine multiple channels and audio sources together in a single multi-track file. You can create a copy of a recording using only select tracks. This feature is supported for .AVI, .MP4 and .MOV recordings only. MPEG-TS does not support track extraction.

Specific track versions of recorded files are not included in any automatic file transfers and need to be downloaded manually. Click the extracted track filename to manually download, see Download recorded files manually.

It's good practice to check that there's enough storage space for the extracted files before you start this procedure. To check how much internal storage space is available on Pearl-2, see Storage capacity and maintenance.

Create a duplicate recording file with only select tracks using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin or operator, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Recorders menu, select a recorder. The recorder page appears.
  2. Click the multi-track icon beside the recording. A list of tracks appears.

  1. Select the tracks you want to extract.

Tip: To deselect all tracks, click the check box for the top track, then hold SHIFT and click the check box for the bottom track.

  1. Click Extract tracks. A copy of the recording is created with only the selected tracks.

Only one copy is saved per original recording. If you create a second copy, it will overwrite the previous one. Download the extracted copy of the recording with your chosen tracks to preserve it.