Register your device

When you register your product with Epiphan, you become eligible to download firmware updates when they become available. Take advantage of exciting new features and important fixes for your Pearl-2. Registering your Pearl-2 is free and only needs to be done once. You have an option to sign up for email notifications whenever a new firmware update is available.

You can register using the Admin panel or Register your device

Have the serial number of your Pearl-2 handy when you register. The serial number appears on a sticker attached to the bottom of the device. You can also see the serial number from the System Status screen using the touch screen on Pearl-2.

The banner to register your device appears on the Firmware update page in the Admin panel. If your system is registered or there are no firmware updates are available, you will not see a banner on the Firmware update page.

Register using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Configuration menu, select Firmware Upgrade. The firmware upgrade page opens.
  2. Click Register in the banner at the top of the page, then enter the information on the registration form.