Previous releases and features

This section lists features and updates introduced in previous product releases.

Release 4.14.1

  • Upload local webcast recordings to Panopto
  • Locking the CMS start screen
  • Pre-configured stream URLs for Kaltura webcasts
  • Schedule CMS event uploads
  • Adjustable fan speed

Release 4.13.0

  • Epiphan Cloud support replacing AV Studio
  • Diagnostic tools added to the touch screen and Admin panel
  • Scheduled Automatic File Upload (AFU)
  • DHCP option 81 (FQDN) support
  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS) support
  • Configure Pearl-2 to not send low storage alerts to Panopto
  • NDI resource discovery across subnets and external networks
  • SHA hashing algorithm support

Release 4.12.1

  • External keyboard control for the touch screen
  • Status light indicator support for select models of Kuando BusyLight and Delcom Product's USB HID status indicators
  • Email address lookup for Kaltura ad hoc events

Release 4.12

  • Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) streaming protocol support
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streaming protocol support
  • MPEG-DASH streaming protocol support
  • Additional HLS (pull) options to configure the segment size and playlist duration
  • Mutliple multicast publishers support in the same Pearl-2 channel and the ability to start and stop the publishers
  • Adding pre-existing recordings to an Automatic File Upload (AFU) queue

  • Changed some status fields on the Admin Panel's Info page and changed the bitrate status to now show the total combined bitrate of the video plus audio.
  • Enhanced streaming error messages

Release 4.11

  • Extend certain admin privileges to operators
  • NDI 4.1 support on Pearl-2
  • Monitor status of file transfers using touch screen and cancel file transfers using the Admin panel
  • Added support for Kaltura's lecture capture plus live event type

Release 4.10

  • Local Admin panel access using a USB keyboard, mouse, and monitor connected directly to Pearl-2 plus a built-in virtual keyboard, multiple keyboard language layouts, and support for touch screen monitors
  • NDI Alpha channel support on Pearl-2 plus the option to ignore timecodes
  • Assigning Pearl-2 a unique device name, description, and location
  • Using a Kaltura application token to register Pearl-2 as a remote recorder
  • Selecting a video output source using the touch screen

Release 4.9.1

  • Kaltura ad hoc event details and configurable event schedule refresh interval
  • Panopto support for ad hoc event authentication from Pearl-2's touch screen using credentials for external identity providers
  • Panopto ad hoc event folder selection from the Pearl-2's touch screen
  • Automatic user logout when an ad hoc event ends
  • International character support in channel names, layout names, video and audio input names, text overlays, and recorded file names. For a list, see International character support
  • Epiphan Discovery Utility support deprecation

Releases 4.9.0 and 4.9.0h

  • Full Panopto integration
  • Kaltura ad hoc event creation using the touch screen
  • Toggle Temperature/CPU load on the touch screen
  • Automatic EDID verification of connected sources upon start up
  • USB tethering removed
  • Confirmation before AFU queue file deletion
  • Kaltura users who are only defined in MediaSpace are allowed to start unsheduled ad hoc events using both the touch screen and the Admin panel (4.9.0h)

Release 4.8.1

  • Traffic shaping to improve video output quality when streaming over a Gibabit Ethernet network to 10/100 Mbps set-top boxes. If the API is used for traffic shaping, see the Technical Notes for your Pearl-2 model for instructions. They're available from the product resources page on the website.
  • Improved video smoothness of the HDMI outputs
  • We improved the smoothness and quality of interlaced video from SDI inputs

Release 4.8.0

  • NDI and NDI|HX support
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Live switching improvement
  • Audio inputs as playback audio sources for HDMI outputs
  • Product registration changes
  • Pairing to AV Studio changes
  • Original Livestream and Wowza Cloud streaming presets removed

Release 4.7.1

  • AFU to SFTP server stability improvement
  • BIOS update to resume status after a power cycle

Release 4.7.0

  • Integration with Kaltura CMS
  • International character support in text overlays
  • Chroma key color selection update
  • RTMPS certificate update
  • EAP-TLS user name field update

Release 4.6.0

  • 802.1x network security compliance
  • RTMPS AV encryption
  • Discovery utility port disabled

Release 4.5.1

  • Constant volume for layouts with multiple audio sources
  • Stereo and mono analog audio selection
  • Assign XLR B/RCA audio sources to an input
  • Mute audio
  • Remote login
  • Channel as a source
  • Mirror the video output
  • Some important UI terminology changes

Release 4.4.1

  • AV synchronization improvements of RTSP streams and loopbacks.
  • Improved synchronization and performance of 4K sources on SDI and 4K HDMI port.
  • Fixed the Wowza custom streaming option.
  • Improved the recognition of SDI capture cards when they are first plugged in.
  • Fixed a hot plug issue affecting the detection of interlaced 1080i signals from certain camera models (for example, Sony HDR-CX180, HDRCX190, and Panasonic HC-VX980M).

Release 4.4.0

  • Constant frame rate
  • Audio VU meter
  • Epiphan Live preview on HTTPS networks
  • AFU to an SCP server remote directory creation

Release 4.3.0

  • Chroma keying
  • Text overlay and custom layout editor enhancements
  • Clone channels and custom layouts
  • Clone recorders and recorder metadata
  • AFU enhancements
  • Start and stop individual streams using Epiphan Live
  • Logitech BRIO 4K camera support

Release 4.2.0

  • USB 3.0 support for web cameras and UVC video capture cards
  • Fully integrated multi-publishing
  • Enhanced video cropping
  • Audio delay control
  • Epiphan Live recordings management

Release 4.0.1

  • Launch of Pearl-2 Rackmount models
  • 4K add-on

Release 4.0.0

  • Inaugural release of Pearl-2 with the following features
    • Capture 6 video sources at once
    • Epiphan Live
    • Switch video sources live
    • Pro video inputs and outputs
    • Pro audio inputs
    • 512 GB data storage (SSD)
    • Touchscreen