Set Kaltura ad hoc event parameters

The same channels that you select for scheduled VOD events using the Admin panel are the channels that are recorded for ad hoc events, see Select channels for Kaltura VOD events. Similarly, the channel you selected for scheduled webcasts is used for ad hoc webcast events, see Select a channel and URLs for Kaltura webcasting events.

For ad hoc events, you can enter the metadata to associate with the uploaded media using the Admin panel. However, you can modify the metadata at any time using the Kaltura Management Console (KMC) after the content is uploaded.

Kaltura ad hoc event parameters

Item Description
Session title
  • This assigns a default title for ad hoc events. Default variables specify the current date and time as the title using the format yyy-mm-dd hh:mm. This default title can be changed when an ad hoc event is created.
  • Event owner

    This assigns an owner to ad hoc events created using Pearl-2. The owner you enter here appears on the Login touch screen by default and can be overwritten when authenticating from Pearl-2.

    Owner suffix
  • Enter a suffix to be automatically applied to the Event owner field when users authenticate with Kaltura from Pearl-2. For example, if the owner account is, enter the suffix here so that the user only needs to enter wilson to authenticate.
  • Description

    The description of the uploaded media that appears in Kaltura.

    Tags Assign tags to the uploaded media for use by Kaltura.
  • Assign Kaltura categories to the uploaded media.
  • Duration Assign a default duration for ad hoc events. This value can be changed when an ad hoc event is created.
    Automatic logout
  • Automatically logs out the ad hoc event creator when the ad hoc event ends if the touch screen was used to create the ad hoc event. This is disabled by default.
  • Important considerations

    • Before you start recording, we recommend that you enter the event parameters you want associated with ad hoc events using the Admin panel. However, users can modify or add this metadata later using the Kaltura Management Console.
    • CMS must be enabled and Pearl-2 registered with Kaltura to create ad hoc events.

    Set default ad hoc event parameters using the Admin panel

    1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
    1. From the Configuration menu, click CMS. The Content management system configuration menu opens.
    1. Under Unscheduled ad hoc events, enter the information you want associated with this ad hoc event and click Apply at the bottom of the page.