Pause video capture

You can use the pause button on the toolbar, access pause from the capture menu or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl‑U to pause capture. When you pause capture, the following things happen:

  • The last captured frame remains open in the Epiphan Capture Tool (no new frames are grabbed). This image can be saved, copied or printed. See Copy, save, or print a snapshot.
  • If you are recording video:
    • Your current video recording (if applicable) is closed.
    • If Automatically restart capture (from the Tools » Options dialog) is unchecked, video capture is stopped and the video file finalized.
    • If Automatically restart capture is checked, pressing pause again or selecting Capture » Resume Capture will unpause and will either overwrite the existing video file or start a new one, depending on the configuration you set. See Configure optional recording settings.
  • If you are recording images:
    • No further images (if applicable) are saved.
    • When you press pause again, image capture starts again immediately

Pausing capture is particularly useful when you're also streaming live - this way you can prepare something different or type in a password without having sensitive information captured.