Your live stream was stopped remotely



Hey. I’m trying to stream to Youtube Gaming. After 4 seconds I get an error message “your live stream was stopped remotely”. Normal streaming works.


im sure u must of got taking care of the problem , it happened to me today , the problem for me was in preferences (publish destination) choose “stream now” worked for me hope this helps or for many others with the same problem .


I am getting the same issue with the webcaster x 2. Every time I choose the stream I want on the publish setting I start the stream and it errors with “Your stream has been stopped remotely”, I repeat the process and it works fine, how can I avoid this?


I wonder if anyone has learned more about this? It is happening to us. I will try re-pairing the device (X2 Webcaster) to my YouTube account. I did notice that when I made this week’s live stream event in YouTube, and utilized the event template that YouTube offers based on one’s last event, the status had changed from public to private inexplicably.