Webcaster X2 Discontinued?

Is there an alternative coming out for the X2? This is seriously the best product for it’s price out there. I’d like to make sure there’s something else coming out that will take it’s spot. I’m sad to see that it’s discontinued.

As of March 17, 2020, the Webcaster X2 has officially reached EOL and is being discontinued. No new units will be produced once the existing stock is gone.
The Epiphan team will continue to support our existing customers with their Webcaster X2 social media streaming devices.

While we may have a similar alternative in the future, it is to early to discuss at this point.

Well thats just great I just bought mine a month ago and I haven’t even had a chance to use it yet and you are discontinuing the product. Awesome… Least you could do is open up the API so we can actually send video to like RTMP so it doesn’t become a paper wait within a year. I don’t even understand why the devices capabilities are purposely limited when sending to a RTMP will work right now by just unlocking it

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Wow! There are a lot of us using the webcaster X2 and I would hope that you all really do continue to support those of us that bought this from epiphan and who told other about it. Please tell us how long we will really be able to use it after it is discontinued?

To be clear, Epiphan team will continue to support our existing customers with their Webcaster X2 social media streaming devices.

The reason it was discontinued is due to an inability to manufacture more units.

Thank you for clarifying that for me. I look forward to being able to using the Webcaster X2.

What does 'continue to support ’ mean in this case. Will there be any new software releases to fix issues with Streaming platforms? As an example, YouTube is changing which seems to cause issues with scheduled events. Will new features be introduced? I would love to see support for an additional USB audio device. My PTZ camera does not have audio embedded in the HDMI signal, I want to use an additional Webcam, but don’t want to use the Webcam mic and need an additionalUSB audio device I could select. Will this type of support continue? I bought my device on the 12th of March 2020 and works great for YouTube Stream now, but for how long?

Continue to support means that we are here for on going technical support for all devices in the field. Warranty support for those device that are within warranty.
Should there be a major bug fix required, that could be addressed but we would cross that bridge when we come to it.
What it does not mean, at any more units will be produced or that any major feature changes are planned. The dev team is being transitioned to other projects.

Should a platform, like YT, make major changes that break compatibility, we would take a look to see how much we can control from our side. But keep in mind that we cannot control what Google or Facebook choose to do with their platforms, they made the APIs and they can kill them too. That being said, we are not aware of any plans for any such changes.


I hope that Epiphan will seriously consider opening up the Webcaster for RTMP. It’s a $300 streaming box that they’ve not decided to stop building. This is a great product but I’m not buying the pearl products…I’ll look elsewhere for this price point.

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Totally agree. I’m using YouTube right now. But will be switching to rtmp on raspberry pi running nginx. Webcaster x2 would be ideal. I hope they open up the api to users.

Just bought one about two months ago and have barely tested it…this is not good if there is no economic alternative. Hoping you can put out a similar priced product or open up the code on this one.