UPDATE: X2 not working on iPhone 11 Pro hotspot



My X2 works great on my home wifi network (Orbi mesh hooked up to Xfinity service). However, the device goes offline as soon as I switch to the hotspot.

Here’s my setup:

Hotspot: iPhone 11 Pro on AT&T (just tested at 9.7Mbps upload speed)
Camera 1: GoPro Hero 8 Black with Media Mod - connected via Mini HDMI to HDMI in
Camera 2: Razer Kiyo webcam connected via USB in
Monitor: Waveshare 7inch HDMI LCD (H) connected via HDMI
Mouse: EIGIIS Ergonomic Handheld Trackball Mouse connected via USB
Battery: Krisdonia 50000mAh Laptop Power Bank (powers X2 and monitor)

Note that a friend uses the same monitor on his rig and said that his signal degrades if touchscreen is enabled so I haven’t enabled it here.

At first I was just getting crappy throughput. I moved to a place with more bars. Now I get the “device is offline” message as soon as I make the switch from my home network to the hotspot.

Am I missing settings options on either my phone or the X2? I saw an earlier post about someone with a similar problem but that was all the way back in 2018.

BTW, I’m local (Los Gatos). I’m trying to build this so I can stream from my bike. I’d love to share my experiences with the Epiphan team if you’re interested in how your product is being used. :slight_smile:

Thanks and let me know if you need more detail!


Hello, I see you emailed directly and I have answered that. But I will include it here also just in case:

So the Webcaster X2 can stream fine when connected to your home wifi network but when you change to the iphone hotspot it fails? Literally nothing else except for changing wifi from the home to the iphone hotspot changes between these tests? If this is the case it means there is nothing wrong with the Webcaster X2 itself at least, though not sure why the iphone hotspot wouldn’t be working. It could be they speed test well but cannot sustain the speed, or the mobile carrier is applying traffic shaping to the network, but these are just guesses. Unfortuantely in this case there isn’t anything more I can do except to recommend perhaps you look into getting a mobile hotspot and carrier connection that supports LTE+ (sometimes called LTE-advanced). Ideally a hotspot with ethernet connevity to the Webcaster X2 as well as external antennas for better reception.



Yep, that’s all I’m changing. It works, I switch, it goes offline.

Drat. I was hoping to save myself the expense of another device. Also, since it’s meant for the bike the fewer pieces of equipment the better. I still need my phone to monitor chat on Twitch so I was hoping it could do double-duty.



I (with a lot of help from a guy from Apple) figured out the workaround for this. :slight_smile:

If the X2 isn’t automatically connecting to your existing hot spot, go to: Settings > Personal Hotspot after the hot spot is already turned on. After a few seconds the X2 will connect to the phone.

I don’t know what this triggers but it seems to work.