Unable to stream to Periscope - firmware 4.12.01



After updating to 4.12.01 I’m no longer able to publish to Periscope. I can publish to YouTube. Is there a way to revert to an older firmware version?


I’m sorry to see you’re running into issues with streaming to Periscope.

You can send us an email at info@epiphan.com if you would like to request a previous firmware verison. Please include the serial number of your device so that we can ensure to provide the correct firmware.


It also happened to me. Periscope starts to blink.


I think there´s an issue with the new firmware, because periscope encoding used to work fine.


Same issue. Firmware 4.12.0l. No success streaming to Periscope/Twitter… image just blinks.


I had to get back to the latest firmware 4.11, anyway I think this is not a reasonable solution.


The QA and development team have identified the source cause of the issue and a fix will be available in the next firmware release. We appreciate your help in identifying the problem and thank you for your ongoing patience


Wonderful! Which firmware number should we look out for the update?


It should be part of 4.13