Streaming to FaceBook from Pearl Mini



We recently got our Pearl Mini and our PTZ Optics camera to live stream our Sunday services. We are having a discussion as to whether, when you schedule a live event on FaceBook, you can begin that stream just by touching the hand and start, or whether you have to FaceBook and also click the “Go Live” button. We are using a laptop computer to monitor the stream and acknowledge comments, as well as operate the camera.


Hello AspiringTechy,

This is certainly possible! Simply schedule an event on Facebook ahead of time, enter the Facebook event’s streaming URL and Key (FB will provide this) into your Channel’s streaming settings as a RTMP stream, ensure “Single Touch Control” is checked on this stream and then simply use the “One Touch” button from the touchscreen to start the stream from the Pearl Mini before the scheduled start time!

Please keep in mind, Facebook requires users to begin streaming at least 10 minutes before an event is scheduled to start. If this doesn’t occur, Facebook will cancel the event.

Hope this helps!