Streaming to BrightSign's over LAN


I am able to stream from the Pearl Mini to BrightSign players we have throughout our corporation… My question is, is there a limit to how many players are able to connect to the stream? I am wanting to connect around 30 but do not know if that is even possible. Thanks.


For a Pearl Mini we would normally suggest a limit of 20 unicast viewers. Though more may be possible depending on the configuration. For example if there is only one channel and if it is at a reasonable bitrate like 4000 Kbps.


Thank you for the helpful response. I am going to purchase another Pearl Mini and do some playing around with bit rates to see what kind of results I get. I am only running one channel and plan on running a lower bit rate, around 2000 Kbps.


I went ahead and purchased another Pearl Mini and got my stream up and running with 18 clients connected. I am using the HLS stream. I noticed that my system load is only around 40%. Is the HLS stream not taxing on the CPU and only dependent on the clients bandwidth? I would like to connect more clients but do not want to compromise reliability.


The HLS stream does use some amount of CPU resources, but a fairly minor amount. We usually say 20 clients to be safe, but you may certainly be able to connect more than this depending on the units configuration.