Sharing a video to their stream from the Webcaster SD port?


Just ordered my Webcaster and I am so excited to have this tool. I want to say I saw a video that showed someone sharing a video to their stream from the Webcaster SD port. Did I imagine this? my intention is to use this with my Sony FDR AX-33, a Yeti blue and second USB Webcam.


Answered my own question. He was using an Mini HD Video player to a ATEM Mini to pay media file. pretty slick though


Ah that makes sense. One thing you should be aware of for this setup as you describe is that the Webcaster X2 can only use one USB video and/or audio device at a time. If this is a webcam it can take video and/or audio from this. If this is a UAC audio device it can take audio from this instead of HDMI audio. But it cannot use two separate USB video or audio devices at the same time. For your setup you will likely need to bring your audio into the camera so that it can come into the Webcaster via HDMI.