Send CM/RS-232 Command To Change Layout


**I have 6 Pearl Mini’s. That is why there is Room One - Six

I am using a Start Button and a Stop Button to send macros - Start.1\n and Stop.1\n - to my processor, RTI XP-6s

My processor is connected to my Pearl Mini’s via CM-232 and works with these commands.

I now need to change the layout automatically with the same two buttons, Start and Stop.

For the Start Button, it needs to be on Layout 1. For the Stop Button it needs to be on Layout 2 - yes, I confirm these are the layouts names with the web portal.

When I use SET.1.active_layout=1 SAVECFG\n it does not work. Any advice?

I am using Integration Designer to program my processor.


For RS-232 commands there are couple of things that immediately spring to mind with Pearl Mini:

  1. We only have one recommended RS-232 to USB adapter, as all other USB adapters ever tested by our QA team either did not work, or did not work consistently across all tests and commands.
  2. The second consideration is the logical channel. The Pearl family encoders create channels via a logical numerical system. As an example, You may have HDMI-A and HDMI-B as channels “out of the box”. They will be labeled “1.” and “2.” If you create a channel, it will be labeled “3.”
    If you then delete “1. HDMI-A” and “2. HDMI-B,” the remaining channel still holds (and lists) logical value “3.”


I am using the correct adapter. I know my labeling is correct because I can start/stop the recording per press of the button. However, I can not get the layouts to change by pressing the buttons.


There needs to a be short delay between commands being sent. If you’re attempting to program a Layout SET and a START recording command (or SET and STOP command) they cannot be issued simultaneously. You mentioned that separately they worked without issue, but if I understand correctly you’re attempting to send 2 commands with 1 button execution?


No, the layouts never changed via commands. Only the start and stop recording.


I would recommend sending us an email to with more details and screenshots. Is it possible that you created layouts, changed the order of the layouts within the layout creation page? This would change the integer value of each layout, and it’s possible that no layout change is taking place because it is already on the set integer value.

I would also recommend downloading the permanent logs from the Maintenance page (near the top of the page) and including those in the email so that we can observe the behavior of Pearl through your command execution