Remote power on|off


Is there any way to turn Pearl-2 on and off remotly?


Unfortunately no official API commands are available for shutdown and power on. You can utilize Wake-on LAN functionality to power on Pearl-2, however the only method to turn off Pearl remotely, would be from the Maintenance page of the Web UI with the “shutdown” button at the bottom.


Which additional configuration of Pearl-2 should be done to make possible WOL utilization?

Is WOL is disabled by default in Pearl-2? How can i turn it on?


If it possible, please, add the ability to turn off Pearl-2 via API. Without this feature it’s hard to integrate Pearl-2 to modern multimedia environment with unified management.


Wake on LAN is enabled by default. there are no changes needed to be made from Pearl-2’s side


I made some experiments with WOL. I used WakeMeOnLan utility at laptop connected same subnet as Pearl-2. I tried to power on Pearl-2 via WOL function without luck. But then i succesfully powered on another PC at the same subnet via WOL.

Is there any tricks to use WOL function with Pearl-2?


There is no special trick no, unfortunately this is not something we can really assist with as we don’t know your network and connections or limitations