Recording multiple channels simultaneously


I’m currently using a streamdeck to send start/stop recording commands to the Pearl-2 via companion, so that I can have one button that starts recording both channels at the same time. I don’t want to set up a recorder to do this because I need to use automatic file upload to get two separate videos to my server as soon as recording is stopped. From my understanding, if I use a recorder it will record both channels in a format that merges the two video feeds together into one file and I can only seperate them in the pearl and for the workflow we have that just wont work.

The problem I am having with the streamdeck solution is that sometimes when I send the commmand it will start and stop the recording for each channel just fine and they will be in sync, but then sometimes only 1 channel will start and other times both will start and be in sync, but then when I send the stop command only 1 will stop and the other will keep recording even if I try to stop it using Epiphan live. This solution would be great for my first problem but it has to be consistent.

Anybody else having similar issues?


This might be a problem with the commands being sent too close together, I would recommend a 100ms delay in between any two commands to prevent any issues.

As a note, it is possible to split files made in a Recorder on your computer instead of on the Pearl, this would just require the use of FFmpeg command line. A command like “ffmpeg -i INPUT -map 0:v:0 -map 0:a:0 -c:a copy -c:v copy OUTPUT” would work. This would take the input file (INPUT) and copy the first video and first audio tracks into the output file (OUTPUT). You can leave out “-map 0:a:0” to leave out audio. You can specify the second video track by changing “0:v:0” to “0:v:1”. For more information, or to download FFmpeg go here:


Thanks Adam! I’ll give this a try and do some testing to see if it resolves the issue.