Power Supply Problems



We packed up our Pearl 1 during a move, and weren’t able to locate the original power supply. When we contacted Epiphan support, they indicated that they will not sell replacement power supplies, but they did give us the required technical specifications to obtain one ourselves.

We purchased a replacement power supply (center positive, 19VDC, 6.3 amps), and tested the voltage/polarity to make sure everything was in spec. However, when we plug the power supply in to the Pearl unit, the power supply immediately shuts off.

Checking the Pearl power supply input with a ohmmeter shows 0 ohms between the center terminal and ground, which is not expected. It looks like our power supply is seeing the Pearl as a dead short.

Any thoughts on this? We’re out of warranty, of course. :frowning:


Sorry to hear about this failure, it sounds like the Pearl itself is dead if you are reading a short there… You are certain this unit is outside of the warranty period? If you email the serial number to info@epiphan.com or go on live chat and provide this we can double check the warranty status just to be sure.