Physical button for switch?


Perhaps this seems silly but is there a physical tactile button I could press to switch instead of the touchscreen or ipad touch screen? I find myself tapping it and if I don’t tap it perfect it doesn’t switch. I feel like it would be more natural for me if I could trigger it with a key or button. Even something assigned to a stream deck perhaps. Just something that leaves the guess work of “did I touch it right? is it switching?” Thanks for any hardware ideas that might do this. Thank you!


There are unfortunately no physical tactile options, however you could use a third-party control and assign an HTTP API or RS-232 command to a tactile button for live switching between layouts.


Some customers have used the HTTP API mentioned above in combination with the Bit focus Campaign app for Streamdeck’s, of course you need a computer to run the app and Streamdeck.
Others have used some of the Skaarhoj controllers, like the Mini Fly, with the API as well.


Curious how the mini fly connects to the pearl 2 since it looks like it connects with a rj45 cable. The jack is already used on the pearl 2 connecting to the LAN line for network. Would I simply plug both into a network switch?


It does not connect directly to Pearl, both exist as network devices on the LAN, the Mini Fly would be programmed with the HTTP API for Pearl and send those commands over the network.


Thanks for the advice. I installed bitfocus companion app which had a pearl template in its latest version and this works exactky like what I needed for cheap :slight_smile: