Pearl Mini isn't recognized as monitor for Dell Laptop


I’m attempting to connect my pearl mini to my dell laptop through HDMI. The goal is to have it be a second monitor for my laptop where I could broadcast a slide deck. I tired going into display settings and force the laptop to detect the second monitor, but it never sees it. OS is Win 10.


I believe I talked to you earlier today on chat and you were going to try the EDID reset. Hopefully this helps!


Hey Adam,

Just wanted to chime in and thank you for this tip. EDID reset was able to resolve my issue! Glad to know an easy fix, as this has happened once before on one of our devices.


Excellent, happy to hear it!


I had the same issue with a Mac laptop not being recognized. Seeing this post I did the EDID reset and it worked. When I emailed support they told me that Mac laptops were not supported because of HDCP, I knew that was incorrect. EDID reset was the fix. Thanks.


HDCP can certainly come up, but with a Mac it would depend on the EDID of the destination “display” and the content being played. If the EDID advertises HDCP compatibility the Mac will turn HDCP on. Or if the content being played required protection then the Mac would turn it on in this case too.