Pearl Mini and Panopto templates



we are currently using about 20 Pearl Minis for live-broadcasting and capturing lectures. We are using multiple inputs (an autotracking camera, a camera facing the chalkboard, a visualizer and a laptop via hdmi) in every room - however, every professor has individual requirements. The Panopto platform and the recorder offers the opportunity to set different templates: are you planning to provide any future updates that will implement this feature for the Pearl Mini?

Thank you


Unfortunately the template option does not apply to integrated hardware devices on Panopto. The option does not exist within the API at this time.

Configuration presets can certainly be created in the Web UI for Pearl, with more customized layouts in mind. The presets can then be found and applied from the touchscreen from the settings section under “configuration preset.”
While I understand this is not the most ideal solution, it is an optional workaround for the more desired customization.


Great news! Panopto has now provided an API for Pearl to support Panopto device templates, and we have added this feature to the Pearl family roadmap.
We will be able add support for this in the not too distant future