Pearl and LMS integration



In the adds on Pearl products, Ephiphan states :
"Pearl integrates easily with content management systems (CMS) and with learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Kaltura, Mediasite and Moodle. Our customers love Pearl because it works with the systems you already have in place.".
Can anyone indicate how a Pearl (Mini) integrates well with for instance Blackboard? How does that integration works?
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For the moment, the only direct integration would be using the automatic file upload features to offload recorded content to a network location, or for RTMP streaming. However, The next firmware release will have direct CMS integration, with Kaltura to start. Kaltura can integrate directly with LMS systems such as blackboard so there will be a large number of new features and integration coming soon!



In you mention very briefly “OpenCast”. Is this integration also on the roadmap?




Yes indeed!

Kaltura is the first integration partner and Panopto and opencast are to follow in 2019!


Is there any update on the OpenCast integration? Is this still on the roadmap for 2019?


The Development team is still investigating the option at this time


Any updates on this?