Pearl-1: Adjust crop via serial command



Any way to adjust the crop via serial command? We’re looking for a way to use facial tracking to adjust a 720 crop on a 1080 video source. We’d like to trigger a crop adjustment to go up or down a set of pixels, based on a external facial tracking action monitoring the video source.


Unfortunately the API does not have keys for making edits to layouts, only switching between then once built, it would need to be done in the UI.
All of the supported key are listed in the User Guide.


On a side note, do you have more info on what you’re using for facial tracking? Very curious to know.



+1 on wanting to know how you are doing facial tracking. Could you use the Lumio PTZ camera to get the video signal and send the facial tracking commands to it instead of the Pearl?


We’ve done that with a different PTZ. But our use case requires a more locked down camera.