Parl2 4K HDMI 2 output (with licence)



Hello Everyone,
i am having a problem outputting in 4K resolution onto a display (Panasonic TX-55FX623) with a 20 meters (10 meters was tested too) lindy gold (made for long distances) 1,4 4k certified cable.
the output goes first into a HDMI 4K splitter (RTI VDA-12) . the second output is disconnected.
Before purchasing a 4K HDBASET extender i would like to make sure i am not doing something wrong.
i set up the output resolution in 4k forcing it. i tried to disconnect and reconnect many times all the chain but nothing. my tv downscale to 1920x1080.

the channel which i use to dispay encodes manually at 4K. and i have more than one channel encoding at 4k, If this could be the problem limitation.
HDMI1 outputs at FHD.


This sounds like it could be an EDID issue of some kind. Does this work if you connect directly to the display with a short cable?


i tried with a 10 mt cable same kind of model.
i can try to change the output cable from PEARL to the DISTRIBUTOR INPUT


I would recommend testing with just a 6 foot (2 meter) cable directly from the Pearl to the monitor to see if this works.


I fixed it.
It was because of an another display connected to the splitter with. A different resolution

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Excellent, happy to hear you figured it out! If there is anything else that comes up please let us know!