No signal through 4K splitter


We are having some difficulties getting our new Pearl Mini to work.

Direct from MacBook Pro (late 2016) to Pearl Mini did not out of the box but after playing around with the EDID settings I got it to work by uploading a custom EDID - and after reading other topics on this, is now seems to work after a Restore of the EDID settings on the chosen HDMI input.

Through splitter - we have a setup where 3 4K televisions are feed through an 8-way splitter. When I connect the MacBook the screen displays in the televisions. When I connect the Pearl Mini to one of the outputs on the splitter the TV flickers but nothing shows up on the Pearl.
I have tried removing the outputs to the TV’s so the splitter only outputs to the Pearl Mini but still with no input registered on the Pearl.

Is there a known challenge by going through a splitter like this?



This might be down to how the splitter outputs the signal. AFAIK the Pearl Mini isn’t compatible with 4K resolution(max video input resolution I think is 1920x1200), so if you’re outputting a 4K signal to the televisions through the splitter, then I imagine the same 4K signal will be sent to the Pearl Mini. Splitters are usually not too clever and only output what they receive. If you want to output different resolutions I think you need a HMDI switch.

I use a 2 way splitter which is compatible with 4K resolutions, but when I set the video resolution to 1920x1080 for instance, it works fine.


Ive has HDCP issues that looked exactly like this.