No proper driver installation for HD on Windows 7



I juste received my HD and plugged it on a Windows 7 laptop.
At the end of the driver installation, I’ve got a failure, see the (French) screencopy.
After the red cross, the sentence means “no driver has been found”

The Windows 7 is up to date (7601 service pack 1).

Is it a way to solve the problem ?

Thanks in advance.


The device will work without issue. The Config, refers to the optional configuration tool that can be downloaded from the device support page.

The config tool’s main purpose is to update the firmware on the device itself. If the LED on the device is Blue (USB 3.0) or Green (USB 2.0) then the device is working correctly



Thanks for your answer.

In fact, after the installation, in the device manager, 3 devices have appeared :

  1. one for the audio
  2. one for image acquisition
  3. one for config (in USB devices)

The LED is blue but, at the moment, I have the image but no sound (on vlc and adobe fmle).

I will continue my tests with some other laptops.


The sound is OK : my problem was in the sound configuration of the source laptop (I had to switch it from speakers to hdmi output)