Lumio 12x with Blackmagic Mini Recorder


Hi there.
Yesterday I tried out my freshly arrived Lumio 12x - and it worked just fine in combination with my HD.
But my original plan was to connect the Lumio to a Blackmagic Mini Recorder via HDMI, and that didn’t work at all…

Is there a reason, why? Could it work over SD-I ?
Or do I just “have” to stick with my HD ?

Thank you alrady for your enlightening answers :wink:



The Lumio 12X is a camera with standard outputs. You can select different output resolutions and signal types for better compatibility, however if the blackmagic device is not seeing the source then it is either a signal compatibility issue or an issue with that device unfortunately.


Thank your for your answer.
Since I tried all available resolutions in the Lumio, it seems like I may have to accept the fact that it is a problem with the Blackmagic device.
Glad, I own three’s :slight_smile: