List of cameras that play nice with Webcaster X2



how about one with rca inputs? I want to stream my dj gigs. what should I search if I’m looking for better in/out? uac?


Thank you. Today i gone to see camera for streamming and remember your explanation about HDMI profressive


With an update to the extensive list of cameras for vlogging. Thought i might add few. GoPro Hero 5 being my favorite


This is interesting. I just purchased an X2 hoping to use my Canon T3i (before reading).

If I have both

  1. the Sewell Upscaler/Downscaler and

  2. the Blackbird Audio Inserter,

do you think I can get my T3i streaming through X2?

This combo is cheaper than buying a new (or used) camera (DSLR or mirrorless) just for webcasting. (Though if I’m going to buy, I’ll probably get the Panasonic Lumix G7, which is on the X2 “compatible” list.)

And for the rest of you with T3i’s, the El Gato Camlink also does not work with T3i; see the list of compatible Camlink cameras.

(BTW, this message board only lets you post at most two hyperlinks if you’re a new user like me. Sorry to make you google.)


You can certainly get your setup working the the Sewell Echo V2 upscaler and the audio inserter! We have a few customers utilizing a similar setup with the rebel series DSLR cameras. It should not be an issue.


Will it work with Canon EOS R camera ?


Historically, all Canon DSLR cameras output an interlaced signal and do not output live audio over HDMI.

You would be able to use it with third party adapters such as a signal converter (ex: Sewell Echo V2) and an HDMI audio inserter or a UAC standard 3.5mm to USB adapter


But canon eos r is not DSLR camera, it’s mirorless. I saw in specifications that it has audio output and 1080p 59.94 through HDMI. Is that enough to use it with Epiphan Webcaster x2?


Theoretically yes, however we have never tested the camera specifically. The EOS/Rebel series lines have always listed options for 1080P or 720P Recording modes, but the outputs have been historically been interlaced, and the audio output over HDMI has been playback only. You could test the audio by connecting it to a television to see if you get audio with a live signal.


Anybody know if a Sony A5100 will work? Ready to buy but not if it is not compatible, thanks


From what I am reading online the A5100 does have a clean output and can output HDMI in 1080p. This should work well, though I haven’t tried it myself.


Thank you for your time in looking into this. We are wanting to use to Livestream Church services while in a hotel and later in outside events linked to our phone. Blessings


Has anyone tested the Canon Vixia hfr40 with the webcaster X2 because I’m having trouble.


On the Canon Vixias that I have, I usually have to confirm HDMI output is 1080p, otherwise Webcaster X2 won’t take the feed.

Display off
Mode M (Auto, M, Cinema)
Output Onscreen Display
HDMI Control, ON
HDMI Output, 1080p

If you are using multiple cameras, something like a BlackMagic Mini-ATEM would re-sync the feed and work.


Sony HXR-NX5U works fine. Set HDMI output to 720P.
Cerevo Livewedge video switcher works fine. All input sources should be 720P or 1080P.
Connect to Webcaster X2 from HDMI output on switcher. You can control camcorder output volume with livewedge app on an Ipad conneted via wifi to the switcher.


My experience with the FDR AX53 is that it will output to the Webcaster once its set to 4k. Problem is that it wont record internally also as a backup.


I know webcaster x2 has stopped production can anyone help me get one?


I like Panasonic GH5 and Panasonic GX80/85.


any one here have good suggestions for webcams? I have been using a usb grabber for powerpoint but I’m wanting to get a cheap “second camera angle” thing going instead


has your c930 still working well? im looking to add a webcam to my existing setup and pricing out options