Issue selecting my publish destination


I have been using my Webcaster X2 for my facebook page with no issues for some time. After the most recent update, I now only see a few of the pages I have access to over and over when I select a destination, and then it jumps to the groups I have access to. I’ve tried unpairing and repairing.
I have a lot of pages in my account and it only appears to be showing some. Has anyone run into this before?



In order to stream to a specific destination you must be the administrator of that page specifically. If you an indeed the admin and the pages are not showing up, there could be an authentication issue which would require a full un-pair and repairing of your account to your Webcaster X2.

To do this: power off your webcaster.

You can unpair your Webcaster device by going into Settings on Facebook, click on “Business Integration,” find “Epiphan Webcaster” and click on the “X” when your mouse is highlighted over it to remove it.
Power up your Webcaster X2 and start the new pairing process ensuring that during the pairing process the pop-up boxes are set to “public” and press “Okay” on all popups until paired.

If the issue persists let us know