Internal storage on pearl mini


I unboxed a new Pearl Mini. The Maintenance tab of the admin panel indicates “No storage detected” for the Internal Storage. I can’t access the Layouts page. Other pages for the channel are accessible. I rebooted to factory default settings with no change. Any suggestions about what to do next?


Hello! The Pearl Mini utilizes an SD card for its storage, as outlined here in the User Guide,

I’m afraid that the Pearl Mini does not come with an SD card pre-installed and you will need to supply your own. As for the inability to access the Layouts page, I would suggest performing a hard reset with Ctrl+F5, and see if that changes it. If you’re still experiencing issues you can contact us at with further details and we can try to help troubleshoot.


I understand that to record to the Peal Mini an SD card is required as external storage. The trouble I’m having is with the internal (onboard) memory where channels, presets, and media are stored. I can’t access downloaded media or the Layouts Page from the browser UI. This might be an issue with my network firewall. Thanks for the contact information for customer support.


I’m sorry to hear it’s still not working correctly. If you are referring to the red message on the lower left hand side of the Admin panel, that is a message in regards to the SD card and its storage. Double check that when you click SD Card under the Configuration section the card is being detected correctly. Could you provide the make and model of the card?

In regards to the Layouts section still not appearing, you could try a factory reset, this will be in the Maintenance section under Configuration in the Admin Panel. You could also try updating the firmware. If the Pearl is able to download the firmware successfully that might rule out network issues.

Please feel free to contact us via chat or give us a call as well, sometimes troubleshooting in real time can be more effective than asynchronously.