Input/output Error streaming to YouTube



I’ve got a Pearl Mini on loan to try out in my classroom. I’m trying to get it to stream from my basement office. I’ve set-up YouTube and copied/pasted the parameters from the YouTube “Ingestion” settings to the Mini. When I click “Start” I get an “Input/output error” … which unfortunately gives me no other information. A post here in the community forum from December indicated it was a LAN / internet issue, but provided no other details. I’ve attached a screen grab from the Pearl Mini set-up. Any and all ideas welcome. Thanks,


Input/Output error is indeed an internet/firewall issue. I would recommend starting troubleshooting here by going to the Network page of the Pearl, and performing a ping to If this is unsuccessful try a ping to If the ping to the IP works but the address does not this is a DNS resolution issue, to fix this set the Pearl to a static IP and try using the Google DNS of


Thanks for the tips. I was able to ping to the rtmp server. When I initially set up the Pearl I was using a static IP. Today I set it up with DHCP so I’m thinking maybe the Hitron/Rogers gear didn’t like the static IP and blocked the device. There was nothing on Hitron in terms of firewall, but that was good to check.


Glad to hear you resolved it with by setting it to DHCP! If anything else comes up let us know