Input edid download 1920x1080p50


Hi all, where can i find a edid file to change my pearl input to 1920x1080p50. Is there a download page?
Like to hear!


The hdmi input on the pearl 2


1920 X 1080 at 50 hz is a standard EDID of the Pearl family.

Are you having an issue seeing your video source? Can you please provide more details?
What is being seen in the Web UI’s input page for that HDMI port; is it seeing a video signal?
What is the make/model of the video source?


Hi Mrenaud,

when i play a video thrue the pearl the video is not smooth. The camera image true SDI is smooth…
in the input settings i see bij the sdi input 1920108050HZ and by the
HDMI input 1920
1080 50,8HZ ( why 50,8hz?). I Think this is the issue for not displaying smooth video true HDMI. (my laptop is set to 1920P50). so i thought. If i upload a EDID file with only 1920P50… maybe this will solve the problem.
do you have a better id?


It’s possible that the SDI source is interlaced and the deinterlacing that Pearl uses may be causing the behavior you are seeing. I would recommend reaching out to us at with a video example, and a brief description, as well as the make/model of the video source so that we can investigate this further