Http or other command to change layouts?


I don’t know anything about scripting on the Pearl and I’m hoping to find a way to do one simple thing — choose a layout — and ideally do it through http so I can basically save it as a bookmark in a browser. Unless of course I’m completely misunderstanding how http commands work on the pearl! I was reading the manual on this and honestly got nowhere quick.

I’m doing switching primarily with an ATEM but there is a reason to switch inputs on the Pear and the simpler I can make that, the better.



There are two major types of commands: GET and SET commands. GET commands are used to receive information from Pearl - such as notifying the status or reading off a value. The SET command is for executing a change on Pearl itself.

In order to utilize an HTTP API command for changing layouts you will need to use a “set” configuration command, as well as the API key and the value of the layout

the set command would be:
http://< address >/admin/channel< N >/ set_params.cgi ?key= value

the key command in this case is for layout switching:

the value is the layout itself (such as layout 14)

example of command, assuming Channel 1 (of logical channel number) and layout 14. Example IP address of

You can find a list of key commands here for additional configuration and use


Amazing! So easy… thank you. I misunderstood the structure, and stupidly thought that “get” was somehow how I would get the available commands, not status… now it makes so much more sense.

Now this works, flawlessly! Thank you so much. I can set up all kinds of commands now!!