How to remove passwords from live stream?

Hey, I’m using an Epiphan Pearl Nano device for streaming. When I open them in VLC, it prompts a dialog box that requires credentials. I want to remove those credentials. Can you please guide me on how to remove that authentication?


A password would not be required to view the local stream unless a viewer password was specifically set on the Pearl unit itself. There are two places this could be done, on the “Security” page of the Admin interface, or on the Streaming page for the main encoding channel. If a viewer password is set in either of these places it would cause a password to appear.

In order to remove the viewer password you can simply make the password box blank and press apply.

Hope this helps!

Actually, I’m working on a project where I need to embed multiple stream links into a single HTML page.
There is an issue I’m facing with the password dialog when I try to open the stream in VLC and the authentication pop-up. But in HTML, no authentication dialog box appears (hence video did not run but the stream without authentication works perfectly fine). Is it because I’m using multiple streams on a single page?

There is no way to remove it. When I remove it and click “apply”, it re-populates

Hello Muhammad,

Sorry for any miscommunication here - we populate the password field with bogus information in the UI for security reasons, however, if you delete the characters in the enter/re-enter fields for “viewer” and then click apply this should remove the password for “viewers”. You would need to ensure that your Channel stream settings for Stream Access Control are set to use global settings.

Once complete, anyone with access to the live broadcast links found on the status page should now be able to watch the stream without needing to authorize.

Hello Ryan, when livestreaming from the Pearl Nano itself, will the number of users be limited by the Internet upstream bandwidth where the Nano is located? If so, what bandwidth is recommended per user if 4K / H.265 is enabled?