How to fix input/output error in pearl mini


how to fix input/output error in pearl mini


Input/output error is generally a networking, internet, or firewall related issue. First, it appears you are streaming to YouTube? If so, please do not fill in the Username or Password fields, these are not needed here and could be causing problems.


thanks a lot
i got the issue … it was something wrong with the lan internet
and i fix it
But why no need to put the user name & password?!


Glad to hear the issue is resolved!

The user name and password are not needed, as the stream name is randomized and specifically refers to your own live event. This stream name is all the authentication that exists for a YouTube live stream.


i face another Problem : there is delay between video and audio i cant fix it?
i read that i have to but when i use 30 fps keyframe 2
but i am using 25 fps so the keyframe is ??


Keyframe wouldn’t cause an audio sync issue, so no worries there, 2 seconds would still be the proper value.

Can you check to see if you have the sync issue just for the YouTube stream or if it is also on a local recording on the Pearl Mini?