Help linking mixer to Webcaster + camera + laptop



Hello all!

I’m setting up a Facebook Live stream with the Webcaster X2 in a lecture hall with external mics and a powerpoint presentation. I’ve managed to connect my Canon XF205 and a laptop to the Webcaster using an HDMI splitter, therefore being able to switch between the presenters and the powerpoint.

The audio is coming from two microphones connected to a mixer, which I then connected to the camera using an 1/4" jack to XLR male cable. The audio comes through fine to the Webcaster when the HDMI splitter is set to the camera source, but the moment I switch to the laptop the audio goes away, which makes sense because it’s a different source.
I then tried connecting the mixer directly to the Webcaster using a 1/4" to 3.5mm jack cable…no audio came through at all.

Any suggestions on how I can get the audio from the mixer to the Webcaster without interruption when I switch between sources? I also have the HDMI Audio Inserter that Epiphan recommends but I can’t figure out how it fits in to this specific setup, or if it even does.

Here is a link with an example of what’s going on. Audio comes in at 40 secs.

Thank you for your help!


The HDMI Audio Inserter would likely resolve this if you place it after the splitter, just before the Webcaster X2:

HDMI Splitter -> HDMI Audio Inserter -> Webcaster X2

Alternatively you could use a USB audio device to input audio to the Webcaster X2. We have a YouTube video on this subject that may help:


Thank you, Adam, I’ll test that out.


Yep… a real no brainer using a USB AUDIO Adapter SABRENT AU-MMSA 7dlls on Amazon