Free Secured Streaming Targets


I am purchasing a Peal Mini for streaming a religious service. Security is a concern for our members. I know I can push to Facebook Live closed group, but that requires to generate a new streaming key all the time. On the other hand I can use a Youtube unlisted stream, their keys doesn’t seem to expire, however this is security by obscurity, because while the live stream is not listed in the youtube directory, anyone can “guess” the URL.

Wondering if you had any thoughts on other streaming solutions that would provide a live stream locked down by a username/password. The only limitation is that we are looking for something that is FREE or very low cost, since our budget is small and we are investing it in the pearl mini.


Hello Shawn,
Facebook now has persistent stream keys so you might be able to get that to work for you. You can read about it here

For a password-protected live stream, I only now of paid options like Vimeo live, DaCast or IBM cloud video. I can imagine other people are looking for low-cost or free options so I’ll do a little poking around and see if I can find anything to recommend.

Good luck,



First, Thank you George for your prompt reply to every post I have made in these forums, this is one of the reasons why Epiphan is #1 on my list when looking for this type of gear.

I did some tests with a Pearl 1 and the persistent key issued for Facebook Groups doesn’t appear to be what I would call persistent. I created one yesterday, streamed for an hour or so, stopping and starting the stream a few times, no problems. I turned off the Pearl overnight and attempted to start the stream again this morning, and get a “Operation not permitted” error.

Not sure I am doing something wrong, or if the persistent key from a Facebook Group is not really persistent.


Thanks for the kind words Shawn :slight_smile:

While the stream key for Facebook may be persistent, I believe you’ll need to make a new post for each live stream so Facebook knows where to route your RTMP. Have you tried this? I realize you’re probably looking for a one-touch solution where you don’t need to setup a new post on Facebook every time, but I’m not sure that is possible.