Feature requests Webcaster X2



We are working with Facebook on resolving this. Apologies for the temporary loss of functionality but as you know Facebook made many changes that impacted many partner developers.


Hey guys,

I appreciate Webcaster X2, thank you for all of your work on it. Could it be possible for the product, on a future update, to be able to create crossposting live video (between authorised pages)?


George–this is great news! I just updated firmware yesterday.
May I suggest this big news be available elsewhere on the Epiphan site and social media (not buried in a discussion thread)?
Thanks! Looking forward to using my SD slot in creative ways soon, too :wink:


Hi Andrei,

Facebook is rolling out some cross-posting features currently, I’ll try to update you once I’ve tested.


We have recently started using the Webcaster x2 to live stream our church services to Facebook, which is awesome! However, I would LOVE to find a way to integrate our ProPresenter program (what we use to show the graphics, scriptures, etc. on the screens in house) into your program so it looks more professional. (Like Joyce Meyer’s on TV😁).


I would like to reiterate, we would love a way to record live streams.
Some sort of overlay option would also be a great bonus!


Hey there, for a future update it would be great to have some kind of audio-peakmeter. When using an external audio-inteface I always have to check the live-stream to be sure audio is working correctly. Input-meters would be great to see directly, if audio works and how hot the input-signal is coming into the webcaster. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I agree! This is a much-needed feature! I’d love to see it in the next release.


Any kind of updates plan for the X2 in the coming future ?


I love using this keyboard


this device needs audio level indicators on the streaming screen.


I wish there could be an option for simple cross dissolve transition when switching between input sources :slight_smile:


Im not sure if this is still available with the current firmware: if you press the letter “z” on the keyboard, a menu that shows brightness, contrast and could not recall if there was about opacity will appear at the top of the screen. I have no idea if its for the video or probably for graphics or titles the developers might be trying to add to webcaster x2.


Im waiting for a 7" raspberry touch screen and my guess is it will handshake with X2. I would like to see soon a “Back” button in the Preferences/Settings menus. It would be useful when using a touch screen.




The raspberry touch screen arrived and handshakes well with the X2. Only thing missing now is the back arrow in the Preferences/Settings menus. Please add one!


see video here https://photos.app.goo.gl/SraXwFZ1dnahd6tH8


There are field monitors like the feelworld 4k monitor that shows a volume meter on the screen that is coming out from the hdmi cable.


I hope there could be a setting to enable/disable the spacebar shortcut key to start or stop a stream, or atleast a confirmation message will appear before ending a stream (using the spacebar) so a user won’t accidentally, unknowingly stop the steam.


Just double click start/stop so you can go back home screen


So I made an irl backpack for my IRL STREAMS and I love the webcaster x2 I just wish it did RTMP streams so I could send my stream to a server first so if stream goes down I don’t lose my main stream I could have it go to a be right back video into the webcaster is back up and running also I would like to see WiFi bonding there is an app I run on my desktop that lets me pull in my Ethernet and WiFi to bond I’m sure the webcaster would allow that it runs off android i think would be nice


Hi George - Great X2 product! What is on the future road map for the X2 now the Pearl Mini is here? Will the SD card slot be available for recording my stream at the same bitrate into an mp4 file? Will I be able to load logo PNGs with transparancy from the SD card to help brand my video? Please can we have a new overview video for the X2 as its looking a bit dated and it doesn’t confirm all the latest features, thanks.