Feature Request: Start/Stop recorders from touch screen



I can start stop recording/streaming for a channel from the touch screen on the pearl, but not for a recorder. I would like to be able to be able to start/stop recording a recorder from the touch screen.


Hi Shawn,

Did you know that you can include your recorder in the One-Touch control that is accessible by the touch screen? Would this work for you, or do you need to be able to start and stop recorders independently. If you need to do them independently, can you help us understand more about your use case?

Here’s a link to more information on the One-Touch control feature:



That gets me part of the way there. I did not realize that I could deselect the channels from the one touch control, thanks! However since the recorders do not show up like channels on the touch screen, one cannot look at the touch screen to confirm that the recording is recording (by watching the counter climb). BTW: I just started using a “recorder” because it was the only way I could find to record two independent audio streams, that I could tear apart in post.