Feature Request: Name Pearl and Label Admin Screens and Dashboard



I have 3 Pearl units. I use them to record simultaneously in 3 different rooms. I connect all three to the same network, and then open up the Admin Screens and Dashboards for all three on different tabs in my browser. I then jump from tab to tab, monitoring/producing each of my recordings. There is no easy way to tell what recorder I am looking at, besides trying to memorize the IP addresses. I would like to name each one of my devices, and then have the device name appear in the tab, and at the top of each screen.


Hi Shawn!

Easy! This can already be done via the HTTP API.

Here is what you need to do to rename a Pearl or Pearl-2

After logging in as admin into your Pearl or Pearl-2, enter the following URL into your browser:

http://<IP address of Pearl>/admin/set_params.cgi?description=<New name of Pearl>

Let me know if this worked for you.



Thank you, but that only gets me half way there. . .

I see the name in the gray bar and the tab on the admin scrren (http://ip/admin/infocfg)

However I do not see it in the live dashboard

Additionally, are those API calls documented somewhere?


Hi Shawn,

The HTTP / RS-232 commands are documented here:


I’ll make sure our product managers know about the request to add the device name to the Dashboard.