Error #200 subject does not have premission to live stream on this group



after update to the last firmware, i got the massage #200 “subject does not have premission to live stream on this group”

i tried to unlink webcaster x2 and link again - the same problem.

i’m the administrator of the groups.



There is an extra step needed for streaming to Groups, the administrator of the group will need to add the Webcaster X2 to the group as an app. Those instructions are available from Facebook’s online help:


thanks AdamFrame


Glad to hear it is working! Let us know if anything else comes up!


i have the same problem Erro#200 subject does not have permission to live stream on this group my webcaster hdmi output not showing anything on the tv screen just blank ican see my name and paired on the webcaster front can anyone please help kind regards


If you do not see anything on the TV from the HDMI output of the Webcaster please make sure you have connected to the output port of the Webcaster. Also, please test with a different HDMI cable, and different HDMI input ports on the TV.

The #200 error is separate, as I linked above you need to add the Webcaster app to the group:


Hi. I have figured out how to add the Webcaster app to my Facebook group on a desktop. Is there no way to do this from a iPhone or other mobile device. Would really be handy to be able to do when trying to setup a livestream from a location that doesn’t have a computer.


Unfortunately this would be a limitation of the Facebook app and not something we have the ability to address. I apologize for the inconvenience