Cumulative release notes for firmware


I would like to ask if there are any cumulative release notes for the Pearl2 Firmware that list all improvements and changes that were made in all previous firmware updates.

I am asking this because I would like to update a Pearl 2 at a client (their request), but as the current firmware is pretty old - version 4.2.1b we would like to look at the changes to see if there are any probable issues we could have with other equipment and/or the client’s way of operation of the device - would not like to break or complicate something that now they use daily.

All I can find are the update notes for the most current version, I am guessing differences from the one before.

Thank you.


Unfortunately no cumulative list exists. Fixes and Features are included in each updated user guide and newsletter updates. Please send us an email to with your request so that we can provide you either with each version of the user guide or provide information in email format