Computer (surface pro) -- HDMI OUTPUT into Webcaster?



Is there is a possiblity to use the HDMI output (really a DP ->HDMI) into the webcaster X2 ?
I would like to use USB camera and the PIP function with the content of HDMI computer.

I tried but the there is “no signal”

Any ideas ? Thank you



It should work if the Surface Pro is detecting the Webcaster as a 2nd display. You may need to try and manually enable it.
But generally speaking, HDMI from a computer into Webcater is not a problem at all.


Thank you,
Do you think Microsoft wireless HDMI through wirecast will work ? (


I have tested a Miracast adapter previously, and unfortunately found the output to be HDCP encrypted. Assuming this is the case for all Miracast adapters this would mean they are not possible to be captured from unfortunately.


Thanks :wink:
good to know


Do u use HDMI Splitter? Because I have same problem and I want to know if this will help me too?