Changing Layout using RS232



We are looking to add the ability to change the layout using our room automation system control panel i.e. when the public microphone is active it will switch to the presenter/public podium PIP.
Looking through the documentation provided, I am not seeing a way to change layouts using RS-232. After looking into it more, it may be a difficult process since the layouts are not really in a particular order.
What would be the best way to change the layout over RS232? I am thinking of having a separate channel with each layout, but would that cause a drop in the broadcast stream when changing the channel?


You can certainly change layouts using RS232 commands. For example to switch to layout 3 on channel 1 you would send:


This is detailed in our online user guide here:


You know what I hate… that guy that does not read the manual.

Works perfect, thanks for your help.


No worries at all and I’m happy to help!